11 Ways and Guides to Choose the Helmet for the Right Biker

Ways and Guides to Choose the Helmet for the Right Biker | The helmet is a necessary tool for a person who rides a motorcycle. Helmets are not only mandatory for motorists while driving.

Not only to fulfill obligations and avoid penalties when driving, wearing a helmet is now part of the biker fashion. How not, sometimes the shape, color and image of the helmet are unique and very good.

But not only that the style is taken into account when choosing the helmet. There are other things to consider, as well as safe and comfortable when using the car.

Motorbikes are one of the most popular means of transport for city dwellers. Some even like to walk far away with their favorite motorcycle. Body protection is a necessity when riding a motorcycle and the helmet becomes one of the most important means of protection.

All motorcyclists definitely know how important it is to wear the best helmet when riding. From year to year, the model of this head protector has evolved in terms of design in safety features.

Maybe now you do not know how to properly choose the best quality motorcycle helmet and how necessary because you did not pay attention to the details about the quality of the helmet you wear every time of the day.

There are many cases of helmet theft, because our helmet design is good and quite expensive. Therefore, you should use the right methods to avoid making mistakes when determining the best quality helmet as needed.

The helmet is designed to protect the rider’s head more safely, but according to its development, it can provide comfort for a fresher design, so it can provide a more attractive look.

You certainly don’t really understand how to determine the best motorcycle helmet as needed. So let’s take a detailed look at how to choose a motorcycle helmet of suitable quality.

Tips for choosing a helmet that meets car safety standards

1. Choose an SNI helmet

When buying a helmet, you should first make sure that the helmet has standard qualifications and bears the logo of the SNI or DOT of the United States.

This standard generally requires that the helmet be able to perform key functions such as mitigating the impact, protecting the wearer from objects lying on the road, and attaching or remaining on the head.

One of the conditions to avoid getting a ticket from the police when riding a motorcycle is the use of the helmet. But watch out for the helmet. Standard helmets according to government regulations are helmets that are marked according to the Indonesian National Standard (SNI). This sticker is usually located on the back of the helmet or a sticker or logo.

In addition to the SNI, there are also point-marked helmets (Department of Transportation), a standard sign used abroad, the United States. This helmet is as safe as the one called SNI. This designation can be found in many foreign standard helmets. So don’t forget to check the label on your helmet before buying.

2. Choose the helmet by head size

In addition to labels, size must be taken into account when choosing a helmet. Adjust the size of your helmet to match the size of your head. You don’t get smallness or even size. As this reduces comfort when riding with a helmet. If it is not appropriate to use the helmet, the focus is affected and this is dangerous for the safety of the rider.

There are several helmet sizes on the market for you to choose from. Like the size of the shirt, the helmet size starts with S, M, L and XL. Try to try your helmet before buying when you’re in store. Don’t be afraid, because this is quite normal when you buy a helmet.

Comfort and comfort should be present together when choosing a helmet. The helmet should fit well and be tight enough so that it does not slip off your head when you turn it backwards or forwards. You must think that your skin moves when the helmet trembles.

Helmets need cushions that are able to fit the head and face and must feel that the pillows are right on the front and top of the head. If you choose a helmet with a full face or open face, the equipment should close the cheeks and beard.

Amenities include vents, cushions and noise cancellation. Many helmets have ventilation holes in the upper part of the helmet to cool the top of the head.

In addition, everyone has different facial features, so it must be ensured that the pads can be adjusted well so that the cheekbones, nose, forehead and jaw remain comfortable. Although the gasket is tightly around the ear, it helps block wind noise and protect the ear from the noise of the engine or discharge.

3. Adapt to your needs

In general, there are two types of helmets on the market, namely full-face helmets and half-face helmets. Before you buy a helmet, first determine the type of helmet according to your needs.

The full-face helmet is suitable for long journeys and excursions. In addition, this type of helmet is suitable for combination with sports bikes from 150cc and muddy bicycles.

For those of you who work in the city on a daily basis. For example, only for home or home campus, choose the type of half-face helmet. This is because this type of helmet can more easily infer the cover of the glass. The design is also simple. This type of helmet is suitable for all types of ducks and automatic motorcycles.

4. Choose a helmet with straps

In addition to the helmet size, helmet comfort is also influenced by the belt or strap on the helmet. Look for helmet straps that are less sunken and loose. With SNI helmets, the looseness of the strap can be adjusted.

In addition, choose a helmet that has a hook on a hard belt. The aim is to prevent the belt from breaking or being damaged easily. This affects the safety of using the helmet.

5. Choose a helmet with extra protection

In some types of helmets that already have a name, there are additional protective devices. One of them is a seat belt with a lock or helmet. These tools are useful for keeping helmets safe in the parking lot. You can tie your helmet to the motorcycle so that unwanted things do not happen.

6. Helmet model

Helmets are generally categorized into the full face, the open face and soon. Fullface offers the best protection against the risk of blows and pressure as it has a face shield so you are protected from head to neck.

You can choose an open-faced helmet for a more traditional look with a beard belt and no face protection. This helmet is also able to protect your head well, but you may not be able to avoid being exposed to wind and insects. While the helmet soon becomes like an old-fashioned helmet and is more intended for cyclists.

7. Quality of locks or hooks in the neck

In the advice to choose a better and quality motorcycle helmet, it can be seen from the availability of a key or hook on the neck. The average helmet products offered many better neck features to ensure strength and comfort.

The shape of the key or hook can be distinguished by price and design. So if you don’t have a big budget, you should choose a helmet as needed or see the shape of the hooks.

8. Consider aspects of vision

There are other tips to keep in mind and it’s from the eye capacity that can be seen from the helmet capacity, which hasn’t received much attention.

A mirrored helmet model or an open and closed mask system is an option because it avoids eye problems exposed to dust or water when riding in the rain. Thus, you can choose a helmet based on eye ability and better privacy.

9. Don’t buy used helmets

The other tip for choosing a motorcycle helmet is to see a new or used one. The helmet product used on average has a negative impact on hygiene, comfort and even safety.

But if you buy a new helmet product, it will have a good effect, that is, more comfortable and guaranteed safety, then the design is also fresher. Therefore, avoid buying used helmets as much as possible.

10. See from the glass helmet screws

The most important thing in the councils to choose a motorcycle helmet is the bolt band, which can provide comfort when riding a high-speed motorcycle.

As a rule, from the specification of special high-speed helmets have the specification of the stronger glass screw housing. The speed of the motorcycle can negatively affect the glass bolts of the helmet, so you can now see from the bolt strip that the rider has a safe effect.

11. Price

Many factors affect the price of the helmet and fortunately, standard SNI or DOT helmets are widely available with different models and prices. Custom graphics can make your helmet more expensive and you can save a little if you’re willing to give up the style and choose regular colors. Additional features such as ventilation slots and adjustable cushions also affect the price of the helmet. Even the addition of standard armor is already increasing costs today.

So far, many motorists pay attention to the industry’s advice on choosing a motorcycle helmet above, and then remember from the price segment that you should also consider not buying a helmet at an expensive price that exceeds your purchasing power.


Choosing the right helmet is an important part of personal safety on the road, so there’s nothing wrong with investing money to choose a quality motorcycle helmet.

Having a helmet that meets your needs and current legal standards and is comfortable to use, that doesn’t mean you can be sure you can stay safe while riding. Of course, safety is in your hands, so drive carefully so you don’t drive too fast or be careful with traffic lights.

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