Car AC is not cold enough, here are 8 ways to overcome it

Car AC is not cold enough, here are 8 ways to overcome it | Enjoy the trip to be perfect with AC support. The cold wind that hits the face and whole body feels refreshed, even if it gets stuck. In order for AC to always be cold, you need to know how to take care of it.

It’s not just about cleaning the AC filter or refilling the freon. But there are many other important things you need to do so that the car conditioner is always cold. Check out some of the following important things that will keep your car conditioner always fresh.

Simple tips and ways to keep your AC car always fresh

1. Keep the cabin clean

How you keep your car conditioner cool is natural to keep the inside of the car clean. Be careful when cleaning the cabin from dirt and dust, especially if you use the car for driving or if you are carrying a lot of passengers.

The front carpet is more likely to get dirty, so special care should be taken to avoid problems with the car conditioner.

2. Close windows while driving

Make sure you don’t drive with the windows open, including the ability to keep the car’s air conditioning simple, especially by turning on the car’s cooling system.

The reason for this is that dust or dirt enters the car from the outside. This dust or dirt enters the air conditioner and becomes dirty, which does not make the performance of the car’s space cooling engine optimal and can cause unpleasant winds.

3. Do not smoke in the car

Do not smoke in the car, especially when the air conditioning is on. The smoke from the cigarette entering the air conditioner makes the nicotine content contaminated by the vaporizer and so thin that the air conditioner releases an unpleasant odor.

4. Do not turn on the air conditioning directly

Do not turn on the air conditioner immediately when you start the car is the easiest and rarely achieved way to keep the car’s air conditioner. Make sure you turn it off and turn on the air conditioner only when the engine power of the car is quite stable.

5. Intensive cleaning during car wash

When washing the car, be sure to clean the condenser components, as conditioner problems are often caused by a damaged or dirty condenser.

Remove dust and contaminants that adhere to the condenser until it is completely clean, as the contaminants that stand and stick for a long time can lead to leakage and corrosion in the condenser.

6. Choosing a cold parking space

How to keep the car conditioner cool and stable can also be done by choosing a cool place that is not exposed to direct sunlight when parking. This means that the cabin does not heat up so quickly that the air conditioner does not work hard when it is on.

7. Installation of the cabin air filter

Install a cabin air filter, which has the function of filtering dust and dirt that enters the car so that it does not absorb into the dirty air conditioner and steamer.

This cabin air filter should also be checked regularly when the vehicle is in operation. Ask the mechanics to clean this part, or you can replace it with a new one if it is no longer suitable for use.

8. Check the condenser fan

If the conditioning system of the car used is equipped with an additional fan or condenser fan, it should be controlled how such a car conditioner can be prevented from its regular circulation.

Check the fan in front of the condenser and whether the fan is always on when you turn on the air conditioner. Otherwise, it is better to take it to the nearest AC repair store, as it can damage the compressor or even burst the compressor pipe.

Also, pay attention to the car’s rPM when the air conditioning is on. Too low or insufficient speed usually affects whether the air conditioning in the car is cold or not.

A non-cold car conditioner when turned on seems to be the problem most car owners complain about. However, if we complain about this problem in a less safe repair shop, they will suspect that the cause of the problem with the car conditioner is not cold, since the brake is missing, so this problem can be solved simply by refilling.

However, how to maintain the condition of the car depends not only on the brake, because the brake will not be over for a long time. There are many things that cause problems with the car’s air conditioning that doesn’t refrigerate, such as

Leak in the cooling system

The appearance of leaks in the pipes or pipes of the air conditioning system of the car. This condition is usually caused not by the wrong way of maintaining the condition of the car, but by age factors, the use of bad parts or non-original parts.

Capacitor malfunction

Damage to the steamer and condenser is also due to its prolonged use, which is also due to problems with the car’s conditioner, which does not cool when it is turned on. Steamers and condensers can be damaged, as can contaminants and cuts with things like gravel.

Compressor malfunctions

Problems with the car conditioner that does not cool down can also be caused by compressor damage. How to keep the right conditioner of the car You already need to pay attention to all its components so that it remains stable. This is usually characterized by the sound of noise from the part of the unit where this compressor is located.

This problem with the air conditioner can be caused by many things, whether it is damage to the components of the air conditioner itself or improper maintenance of the car adjustability.

The bad habits of drivers can also be blamed for this. In addition to avoiding habits that can affect the performance of the autoconditioner, you need to check the conditioner to find the problem and find the right solution to solve it.

Do not turn on the air conditioning when you start the car

In addition, there is also a risk that lies if we turn on the air conditioning when the car is just starting. If we turn on the cooling system when the car has just started or warmed up without knowing or knowing that it is affecting your health, you know, friends.

It is quoted by side to turn on the air conditioning when the car heats up, which is usually done wrong by people in general. This is very dangerous because cold air coming from the air conditioner or air conditioner mixes with the air in the car.

The reaction will eventually form a toxic compound that will later become known as benzene. This gasoline spreads easily because the air conditioner is on and absorbed by the person in the car.

Benzene has properties so toxic that when absorbed by humans, it impairs kidney and liver function. That’s why friends advise not to turn on the air conditioner when the car gets hot. In addition to these effects, benzene also has great potential for osteotoxin, causing a person to develop anemia and a decline in white blood cells.

If a person absorbs gasoline more frequently, then such a person is more likely to develop leukemia. In the meantime, pregnant women may also be affected. Gasoline is also at risk of aborting babies born to pregnant women.

Conditions in the car become more dangerous when AC Freon runs out. The damage has increased exposure to carbon monoxide, a dangerous gas considered deadly.

Gas is windless, so most people are unaware of a person’s health risks and even life. To avoid this, you need to regularly carry out maintenance of the air conditioning system in the car.


If the air conditioner is not cold, it will be a barrier when you travel long distances. This will make passengers hot and hot. Therefore, car conditioners really need to consider how to keep them clean and maintained.

In addition, hygiene and many other things explained above must really be understood and assimilated to avoid all diseases.

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