How to Maintain Car Tires to Keep Them Durable and Comfortable to Use

How to Maintain Car Tires to Keep Them Durable and Comfortable to Use | Car tire care is a key factor in keeping tires stable and safe. But it is unfortunate to take care of tires that are always forgotten if there is no leakage or shrinkage of the tires. Although regular checks are required, tyres can function optimally. Why? Because safety and comfort when driving on the highway are not of the kind of brand or vehicle type. But the factor in the game is tires.

Similar to other components in cars, tires require regular maintenance and attention. If car tires are rarely served, it can cause car tires to be unstable and easily damaged. Poor maintenance of the tyres can lead to a decrease in vehicle performance. If this is ignored, gasoline consumption becomes more wasteful.

Tips for caring for your car tires

Advice on how to hold these car tires so that they remain stable and last a long time. Below you will find detailed and detailed advice and ways to perform good and correct maintenance of car tires from various sources. So it’s a good idea to take care of your tires by taking the following steps:

1. Check the pressure of the car tires

Tyre pressure monitoring is one of the tips to keep tyres until they last. Because if you travel long distances with your car, you must first check the air pressure on your tires. For safety and comfort when driving, check the tire pressure regularly for about a month.

Make sure that the tires meet the required prices, no less or more than recommended. This tire pressure monitoring is very important so that the tires of the car are not easily damaged or broken. This is where the risks of tyre pressure that are too high or too low lie.

• Low risk of tyre pressure

If the car tires do not smell, it will lead to uneven tire wear on both sides. When the rubber sidewall is in contact with the road, the rubber wall becomes so thin that it is not strong enough to handle overload and eventually easily break into the side frames of the wall. In addition, the damage to the rubber sidewall is similar to the steel wire emitted by rubber tires.

Then the too low tire pressure will also interfere with the control of the less stable car and the fuel consumption will be a loss because the engine works hard to turn car tires.

• Risks due to strong tyre winds

If the wind pressure is too high, the surface of the car tires becomes uneven. This surface is located in the middle of their kick, which bends forward. As a result, the tire surface wears out faster, especially in the middle of the tire, shortening the life of the tire. Therefore, the control of the driver is unstable.

Then, too high tire pressure reduces buffer capacity and impact resistance, resulting in damage to the steel wire or punctured tire. In addition, high tire pressure without overloading damages the road due to the effects of friction on the tires and road surface.

In addition, high wind pressure causes greater vibrations that damage the edge. In addition, high wind pressure increases vibrations and damage to vehicle components, while tires with the right pressure have better buffering capacity.

2. Roll the car tires

In addition to tyre pressure monitoring, rotary tyres are also important, but are always forgotten by most people.

What does it mean to roll the tires in the car? Swivel tires are the replacement of the tire position of the vehicle for the four tires. The goal is to achieve the same level of clothing between tires and also extend the life of car tires so that they are more stable.

Therefore, make sure that you regularly replace the tire position and degree of wear in each car tire. Car front tires usually tire faster than rear car tires. Because the front tires of the car are usually used to brake or turn the car. Therefore, the rotating tires of cars must become of any multiple of 10,000 km.

3. How to hold tires or control weakness and balance

Have you ever felt while driving and the car feels hard to control because it often wobbles and it’s hard to go straight again? Yes, that’s why it’s out of weakness and balance that its users never do.

In fact, it should be taken into account, otherwise the comfort when driving will be unstable, the wheel will feel shaken at high speed, and the intensity of the car tires will not be subject to wear and tear, which is neither one nor the other. For example, if the car goes straight ahead, the car looks like it’s turned left or right. Then it could be a warning to do the filling and balance.

What deteriorates and compensates? Spooring is the process of rebuilding a car’s four-wheel drive as it was originally. Then balance is the process of rebalancing a car’s wheel turn.

Therefore, maintenance should be carried out to control periodic weaknesses and balance for comfort and safety when driving. Ideally, this poor and balanced treatment can be done every 10,000 km and simultaneously with the tire rotation.

4. Tire valve cover should always be attached

This cover of tire valves is often forgotten, either intentionally or unintentionally. Although this is an important thing to take care of the tires. Therefore, after filling the rubber smell, you need to pay attention to the pental cover.
Since the driver does not close the car’s pants, there will be wind leaks on the Moby tires and the air pressure of your tires will drop.

Bentail’s car tire cover turns off the wind pressure that comes out. This pendulum cover closes the rubber pressure that comes out when the car load is heavier. So make sure that this Tutu Pentil is installed correctly and firmly. Otherwise, there will be a leak that flattens your tires.

5. Be sure to transport goods so that the load is not excessive

These tips are a way to make your tires stable, that is, to save the load capacity of the car from excessiveness. Because overloading goods will easily damage your tires. So put down enough stuff and don’t overload your car.

You can recognize the charging power of car tires by the tire symbol. The code usually includes a description of how strong these tires are in handling the load in your vehicle. Then the symbol can be seen on the side of the frame (side wall).

6. Holding tyres that are routine tyre condition checks

Before or after driving your car, check the condition of the car tyres in their entirety. Whether in the last piece of rubber, on the rubber side wall or in the rubber press. Why should this be done? Because if the car is used on the road with mud or rock.

If you leave wet clay mud in the frame, the clay will dry out if it does not clean up. Well, this dry dirt will affect the speed of your car.

Similar to rocky roads, if the stone attached to the last part of the frame is not removed, cracks or scratches will appear in the frame. If you hit the rope layer (tire thread), it means that your tires need to be replaced.

Then check the condition of the air pressure on your tire. If the air pressure on your tyres is as recommended. If you don’t, you’ll need to fill the wind in advance. Because if your tire is lower, it wastes fuel for you.

7. Free the wheel from the stone

Clean the wheel from the stones attached to your palms. If not controlled, it gradually hits the base layer of the frame. As a result, tires become tired and tires break easily. Do this cleaning regularly after driving your car.


The tire age depends on how you drive them, so if you want the tires to last a long time. So proceed as follows.

  • Do not drive at high speed as this will cause excessive heat on the tyres and increase excessive tyre wear.
  • Don’t get back on the road or curves quickly.
  • Try not to brake suddenly. Because this causes the tires to wear out.
  • Avoid damaged roads such as rocky, muddy roads and pits. Try to avoid these routes if you can.

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