Learn how to choose the best window film for your car

Learn how to choose the best window film for your car | Window film in cars is a means of protecting the interior from sun damage, reducing brightness while driving and improving the overall appearance of the car. Therefore, we need to choose the best window film to stay comfortable on hot days.

Also, window film can reduce the heat in vehicles or those who often park their cars outside. However, not all movies with high-quality windows are created equal. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the choice of the best window film from the usual quality.

But remember that even when driving, the comfort of vision should be taken into account. The window film is usually presented in a variety of colors, such as black, anthracite, gray, gold and bronze, which are very popular.

Window films are generally divided into two categories, non-reflective and metallic. The film of non-reflective windows provides heat and brightness control by absorbing sunlight.

One of the most popular and durable movies of the window is the colored type, which provides increased visual quality and clarity through powerful brightness control.

However, this type of window film is less efficient in controlling solar heat absorption than the type of metal. The metal window film reflects sunlight to avoid heat that can damage the cabin of the vehicle, and also provides privacy for the driver and passengers inside.

In some places, this type of window film is illegal because it can interfere with the function of the vehicle and interfere with cell phone signals, radar or GPS.

Materials for the best window film

In addition to the basic categories, the materials used in the production of window film are very different. Some materials include lacquered film, carbon foil and ceramic foil. Tinted film is the cheapest option, but it also has a short shelf life.

Carbon film is dense, strong and has a low fading rate. However, this type of window film can cause problems for the driver in situations where the lighting is due to headlights of the car going in the opposite direction and in large fog.

Then there is the ceramic foil material, which can reduce the annealing problem and has a fairly high heat-resistant character. Unfortunately, this type of window film tends to oxidize and fade quickly.

Another type is nano-carbon ceramics, which combine the advantages of carbon and ceramic films with reduced defects. This type of window film usually has a relatively longer lifespan than the other three types.

Window film and UV protection

UV rays penetrating your window glass can cause damage and even cause the car’s internal color to fade. Even worse, the effects can spread and damage the skin. Good window film products usually have the ability to resist UV rays while protecting the skin and interior of the car from UV ray effects of up to 99 percent.

In terms of using signal-friendly window films, aka their use will not affect cell phone performance, radar or GPS signaling, it is window film with film-absorbing technology or nanotechnology.

Although many of them are referred to as main window film, this type of film is considered unsuitable for its application for tropical climate regions in Indonesia.

A number of window film brands offer Sun Protection Factor (SPF) capabilities at various levels. It is said that every 1 SPF is able to protect human skin for 10 minutes.

Tips for choosing the best car windshield film

Choose a well-known brand

Each type of window film has its pros and cons, so you should look for a film that has features that fit your car, billing, and budget. Understand what kind of window films have their advantages and disadvantages.

A fairly easy way is to choose a brand that has existed in Indonesia for a long time, because you need to know well the characteristics of the weather, temperature and features of the average usage of car users in the country.

Set the budget to buy the best window film

This is again a budget issue, the type of car, the place of residence and your taste. Films with better quality windows ensure that they last longer, are more noticeable and generally have better heat resistance. The more expensive the window film, the better the quality.

There is a clear need for the ability to repel heat and ultraviolet radiation. Because exposing the skin to UV rays for a long time is not healthy. The best film with high-quality windows protects you up to 99% from UV rays.

A film with such windows also ensures that the thermal energy of the sun is not trapped in the car. In this way, it can eliminate the effect of the stove, which is often tested if you leave your car in the sun for too long.

Pay attention to the degree of darkness or intensity of window film color

Among the many regulations that do not mention the maximum amount of darkness in the window film. The use of window film is expressly promoted only by authorities, so that the color intensity does not exceed 60%. This is because window films that are too dark are often misused in unlawful acts.

Installation must be professional

Basically, anyone can lay a window film, but not everyone has the skills and tools like technicians. A professional installation sometimes requires additional fees for their services. However, it is usually included in the product price package at the time of purchase and you don’t have to worry as installation is guaranteed on a regular basis.

The do-it-yourself movie installation window usually offers a quality that is not as good as that of window technicians film business. When used correctly, the window film should last for years, which will save you the expense of replacing it again when the color begins to fade.

Choose the best window color that matches the color of your car

Sometimes the choice of window film color is not really taken into account, although it affects the aesthetics. If you choose only the color and thickness of the window film, it may not match the color of the car and instead look like an Angkot.

The right window film provides another advantage, which is the appearance of a car that becomes more attractive. Therefore, you need to choose a color that is almost the same as the color of the car. In addition to black or neutral coal, there are many other colors.

However, if you choose a color from the window film that contrasts with the color of the car, it is better if the brightness or transparency is higher. This is to avoid colour collisions.

Pay attention to the installed window film

After installing the window film, you usually have to wait a few days until the window does not open first. The aim is to make the sticky layer of the film ripe and really adhere perfectly to the glass. Normally, after installation, the window glass of the car is first cleaned by the installer.

When cleaning the newly installed window film for the first time, it is advisable to use a soft and clean fabric without ammonia. Also, pay attention to the edges of the onions in the jar to keep them clean so you don’t scratch the window film.

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